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For years, Baruch has been working with enamel-surfaced oils inspired by images of the deep reaches of outer space, stylized renderings of star clusters, novae, floating giants and celestial dust. Her studio practice is catalyzed from groundbreaking photographic sources, images from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. Although she renders these works with painstaking, traditional easel-painting techniques—sable brushes, glazing and so on—they appear at first glance to be pooled, splashed and dripped, essentially process-derived paintings. Her handling is lush.  It echoes the wonder one feels at the discovery of new worlds, the realms she has chosen as her motif, as if she intended to extend the reach of landscape painting. Her work is reminiscent of 15th and 16th Century Venetian paintings, but even Venetian skies remain by proximity, earthbound. Baruch reaches well beyond the clouds.



 Featured article published in the Marin Independent Journal: